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7 tips to achieve successful ITIL implementation

According to the members survey performed by the itSMF Asia (and administered by ITsmF International), and the presentations during the ITsmF Asia summit, the following are guaranteed success-factors for your implementation:

  1. Everything you do in IT MUST fit in with the company’s goals and objectives, and having the C-level board members involved in the decision saves a lot of time trying to convince managers and team leaders at the shop-floor that this is a good thing to do.
  2. Everything you do MUST fit in with the IT strategy
  3. The reason for ITIL implementation has to be YOUR reason – don’t look at other organisations as you might be comparing apples to oranges.
  4. Cost saving is NOT a result/benefit/outcome of your implementation.
  5. Use external help – according to the ITsmF Asia you will have a much better change of being successful at your attempt.
  6. Benchmark your ITIL/ITSM against external standards – don’t turn into blind followers of the ‘ITIL-cult’. ISO/IEC 20000 is very good for this purpose!
  7. Only use tools that are appropriate for your level of maturity. If you use Excel spreadsheets and it works for you… DON’T change it because the vendor said so.

I know they are mother statements but very valid. Something to ponder over at least… 

enjoy the weekend!