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About Me

Who is Ivanka?

If you’d asked me this question 6 years ago I would have said:

  • Ivanka is the author of the bestselling IT Service Management books of the last few years;
  • She speaks to large groups on IT Management, Service Level Management, Cloud Computing and what’s next;
  • She writes the most popular IT Service Management blog in the world;
  • and is the founder of The Art of Service, a fast-growing IT Service Management education company

Ivanka the Author

Ivanka Menken is the author of books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about IT Management, Service Management and Cloud Computing, and her ebooks are among the most popular ever published in the industry.

As a result of her irrepressible speaking style and no-holds-barred blog she has created a large following around the world.

Ivanka is the driving force behind the company’s educational programs, she is an engaging and motivating public speaker and author of a number of technical management publications.


And while this is all true, it’s not who I am. It is part of what and who I am… let me explain.

Meet Ivanka

Being the owner and driving force behind The Art of Service is only part of what I do and who I am.  I am also married to an amazing husband and have 1 son. I live just north of Brisbane, Australia.

Yes - after 18 years I still fit in my wedding dress...

Yes – after 18 years I still fit in my wedding dress…

While I own 3 companies, I still  manage to do most of the work from home to make time for my other passion: Horses.

Ivanka's horses

Lately I feel like I’m more of a student than an entrepreneur. This started the moment I had a pretty big wake up call in May 2016 when I was diagnosed with a rare tumour – luckily this turned out to be benign (aka not cancer) but still.. It was the start of a major turnaround to learn more about me. [More about that here]

This tumour forced me to be honest. Honest with myself and others. To make clean cuts where needed and make room to develop a clear vision of what I want to be when I grow up.

Building a Strong Foundation for Business

The change from teacher into student is very clear when you scroll through my Instagram Feed. While I’m still very much focusing on business and my business goals, there is a lot more emphasis on clean eating and clean living. It shows an effort to make time to relax, chill and meditate and carve my own path – wherever it leads.

And this will be clearly the focus of my articles here as well.

The articles on this blog cover the spectrum of running multiple businesses, as well as a first hand account on staying healthy and strong.

The categories range from ‘ Starting Smart in Business’ which offers practical advice on the day to day running of a business to ‘entrepreneurship’ where I focus more on the strategy and lifestyle choices of entrepreneurship, to ‘Building a strong health’ where I share my journey into building a healthier me that can continue my busy lifestyle without the nasty side effects.

I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey. Please reach out when you have a subject or question you would like me to discuss.

Warm regards



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