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All hands on deck – team work at The Art of Service

One of the things that the team at excels at is meeting targets. No matter what – when we promised something we do it!

So when we planned a mailing campaign for this week we sort of forgot that there is a public holiday in the middle of it. And we sort of didn’t think about the fact that this means that the post office is closed on Wednesday!

But we had our target of sending out the letters on Wednesday… now we had 2 options:


  1. Be flexible on the goal – after all it is a  public holiday so it’s really out of our control.
  2. All hands on deck to make sure it happens – not matter what!
You guessed it: Our fantastic team went for option 2!
Sure, everybody was really busy and all of us had jobs to do. But…. no but’s – we help each other and make it happen!
It took about an hour to have all the letters ready to go, and with a few beers and music in the background it wasn’t really that bad!
We met out target and  had a great time doing it. Our clients will receive the touchpoint newsletter on time.
See? That is Service with a capital S!