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Are you an ITSM Grand Master?? or did you happen to pass your theory ITIL exam?


… has been our motto for the past 10 years, as you never stop learning and never know everything about a subject.

Our students know that things change rapidly and that there is always something new that you will need to know. A new theory, a new framework or simply a different approach to the same issue. And we want to enable you them keep studying, and continue to learn.

I can’t remember who said it but this quote rings true in this context: ” insanity is: doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome”…
As an Grand Master you expect a different outcome – you want things to be better, easier, smoother, more efficient and more fun. So clearly we need to do something different to help you achieve your goal.

So far our V3 Intermediate students are well on their way to become a true Expert, but there is so much more to learn before you can call yourself an ITSM Grand Master!

How about:

  • Customer Service Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Career Development / Professional Development

And there are toolkits available to help you get the best out of your project, templates and checklists to speed up the implementation of the processes, etc.

As content creators and educators we constantly think about ways to help ITIL professionals to make the most out of their new certifications. How can we help you to be successful in your career? How can we make sure you become the ‘Grand Master’ , the authority that people go to when they have an issue with their ?

“You don’t get great at anything in a day… you get great at it day-by-day”

In order to get great at anything you will need to learn and practice. To become an Expert at anything you’ll need to spend at least 10,000 hours on it!
That is the reason why we continue to support our students on their way to become an , not just the certificate from APMG — but a true and tested GRAND MASTER. We want to be there to help you get through the 10,000 hours.

That’s where training stops and education begins… that’s where the journey becomes a shared experience and not an isolated learning event..

I am so excited to be able to be part of that journey for thousands of people across the globe. Students for life who are excited to share in their successes.