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Benefits of IT Asset Management

Next week I am delivering a presentation IT Asset to a group of CIO’s in Rio de Janeiro and I am putting the final touches to my powerpoint slides. While the reasoning for IT Asset is an easy one (in my humble opinion) it becomes more difficult when you start looking for achieved benefits of the complete picture.

During hours of research on the internet I found the following:

  • Information about Asset Management, in the context of facilities management and building management.
  • Information on the processes of IT Asset Management and Configuration Management
  • MANY whitepapers, discussion papers, websites, articles etc. in relation to TOOLSETS that can help you with (IT) Asset Management.
  • Documentation on ‘projected‘ benefits of IT Asset Management implementation projects

But trying to find public information on the actual benefits and results of IT Asset Management is like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

In theory the benefits will be seen in one or more of the following areas:

  • Better quality of information – therefore better decision making processes (from Strategic all the way down to operational decisions)
  • Cost reduction due to better controls (think software licenses that are automatically renewed for software applications that we are no longer using)
  • Compliancy improvements – we know what we have and who is using it, so we can do compliancy tests against external standards and legal requirements.
  • Improved productivity of IT staff – this is because there is less time lost on searching for data.

So, now I only need to dollarize these benefits and find a company in Brazil who has actually gone through this process and has proven results that support these benefits… I keep looking!

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  1. Hi Ivanka,
    Hope your repeated efforts of identifying benefits of IT Asset management is successful in Feb 2011. I am on to the same now with a client in Sydney. What recent information you have on this? Much appreciate your response.


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