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After all the discussion about the refresh of the refresh of you can imagine the surprise I got this morning when I saw this in an online bookshop:

ITIL Version 4 (itil)

Version 4 ()


List Price : $199.50
Min Price : $132.59

Not everybody might find this funny, but it made me laugh!

Oh, and when you look back in the list they have for sale – there is also an itil version 5 and 6 if remember correctly.

But seriously – The current version of the ITIL framework is ITIL V3  which consists of 5 core volumes:

– Service Strategy

– Service Design

– Service Transition

– Service Operations

– Continual Service Improvement

OGC (the owner of the framework) has just announced that a refresh of this version will take place to rectify some mistakes, but the current version is still version 3.


  • ITIL is certainly coming to be more essential in today’s IT companies around the globe. I understand that, in my experience, it does not always go 100 % to strategy – yet thats the explanation why Itil is just a structure I suspect.

  • Rajan M

    It is not ITIL v4, simply ITIL v3 being updated. The process of Continual Service Improvement or CSI is being applied to the IT Infrastructure Library. A log has captured errors, inconsistencies, suggestions, clarifications and expanded explanations since the launch of ITIL v3 in 2007. Each will be analyzed and reviewed by a Change Advisory Board (CAB) and approved by the owners of ITIL, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The OGC has stated that the updates are not being made for ‘revenue generating’ purposes.

    • Ivanka

      hahaha – yes Rajan, you are correct. When you look at the date of the article you see that this blog post is from before the start of the ITIL® V3 update project. I found an online bookstore that sold the ITIL®V3 books under the V4 name.

      I am very interested to see what the updated books look like and how much the content of the books have changed. I guess we only have a few months / quarters to wait now before the new books will be released.

    • ivankamenken

      I gave the link in the blog but it seems that the a1 store changed the titles of the books… at the time of writing the blog they had ITIL V1, ITIL V2, ITIL V3, ITIL V4 etc. as the title of the Publication suite..

      I thought it was funny at the time..
      Good to see they’ve updated the book names with the correct titles though!

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