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Career advice from Napoleon Hill – or: how to hire the better team member

We all look for ways to improve our hiring skills. Every business owner, entrepreneur and manager I talk to is struggling with finding the right people. Sure – we want them to fit the culture… but what if your culture is a fast growing business with constant changing requirements and priorities? You need a special type of people in that type of company. You need A-players at each and every level of the organisation.

We look at HR gurus and hiring experts for help, guidance and expertise.. but I found that the book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 still has the strongest voice.

Check this out: it’s his top 11 of “major attributes of leadership”

  1. Unwavering courage – based upon knowledge of self, and of one’s occupation
  2. Self-Control. The man who cannot control himself can never control others
  3. A keen sense of justice. Without a sense of fairness and justice, no leader can command and retain the respect of his followers.
  4. Definiteness of decision. 
  5. Definiteness of plans. You must plan your work, and work your plan!
  6. The habit of doing more than paid for.
  7. A pleasing personality. No slovenly, careless person can become a successful leader
  8. Sympathy and understanding
  9. Mastery of detail.
  10. Willingness to assume full responsibility
  11. Cooperation. Understand and apply the principle of cooperative effort.

WOW – brilliant in its simplicity… wouldn’t it be fabulous if we have employees and team members who have most (if not all) of these attributes? I’m sure you’ll be able to test for this in a job interview…. 

Want some career advice? Want to earn more? Want to progress in your chosen career? Look at yourself – very seriously – and check off which of these attributes are currently missing from your daily work ethics.

I know I’ll be looking at my team members with a different set of glasses tomorrow…. see if they pass the test!

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