Cloud Computing and ITSM – 2 peas in a pot…

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This morning I was thinking about my next article and whether it would be on IT Service Management () or on when it dawned on me: you can’t do one properly without the other! The reason for this is that as IT professional you will need to understand the services you deliver to your customers and end-users and have the ability to manage and control those services before you can even think about utilizing services as part of your delivery model.

Because that’s ultimately what Cloud Computing is (in my mind at least): just a different way of delivering the services to your customers en end-users. Currently you might store the information (data) on servers and disk arrays that you bought and manage yourself in the corporate data centre. But due to rapid increase in storage demand (for instance due to image storage – example: a lot of insurance companies are facing this issue at the moment because all policies and claims are scanned and stored electronically as images) you will have a choice:

A) purchase an extra server or extra storage device?

B) sign up for an external storage solution provider?

The answer to the question will depend on your clients, the SLA’s you have with them, the policies and corporate boundaries you have to work with, Financial implications etc. What shouldn’t change after you’ve made the choice, is the service to the customer and end-user. They still need to be able to access their data in line with their needs and requirements. 

So ITSM is important for every IT organisation, no matter how you organise the delivery of your services to your customers and end-users! Food for thought for a lot of organizations because it begs the question: “how ready are we… really?!”