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Cloud Computing educational resource

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Every day is a school day and I can’t think of a reason to stop reading and stop learning. Career driven IT Professionals soak up information like oxygen, and it is important to keep reading so you understand what is going on in your industry. Reading is also important to keep your brain active and challenged because you’re “connecting the dots” between this new information and the knowledge that you already have. Successful business people apparently read 24 books or more each year.

Granted, reading and learning is not limited to reading books. Some people enjoy reading articles online and subscribe to blogs via RSS feeds, while other people prefer to read on their Kindle or paperback book.

My passion is to help people learn, and I love the fact that I can point people to content and educational materials that they may not have been able to find (due to lack of time). That is the reason why I created this book with a collection of articles -and my blog posts of course 😉 – around Cloud Computing.

You can start reading today as the book is available in a number of formats to cater for all reading needs and requirements:

When you are a person who prefers to read your book in a physical format – you can get it from Amazon.

If you want to read it on your Kindle device – you can purchase it in the Kindle Store for instant download

Or if you prefer to have the book as a PDF file so you can read it and print it at your convenience – you can purchase it from The Art of Service’s online store

Happy reading and I look forward to start a conversation with some of you about the subject, the content of the book, or simply about the future of the IT industry and how IT Service Management helps the IT Service Providers to stay relevant with the uptake of Cloud Based Technology and services.