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Cloud Computing is here to stay, time for IT Service Management to grow up!

Yesterday I returned from the FUSION11 conference in Washington D.C. And my head is still spinning from an overload of information around Cloud Computing, ITIL and IT Service Management. (granted that could also be due to lack of sleep and jetlag, but I’d like to think it is because of the learning from the conference).

My biggest surprise was the difference in ‘vibe’ at the conference in relation to Cloud Computing. I remember last year sitting in on a presentation about Cloud Computing and the audience being openly hostile and defensive. I remember thinking how unnecessary this was as IT Service Management will be more relevant than ever before BECAUSE of the use of cloud computing.

This year it seems that cloud computing is a lot more accepted by the general public. I’m not saying that it has been completely embraced (after all, there are still a lot of technical support people working in the IT industry who will find it extremely difficult to remain relevant in a world where cloud computing is the normal way of IT service distribution) but there seems to be a sense of acknowledgement that Cloud Computing IS the new ‘normal’ and that the IT industry has to adapt to this delivery mechanism.

Sometimes it even seems that the pendulum swung completely to the opposite side, especially when you see the odd vendor talking the talk of cloud computing and using all the ‘buzzwords’ but hidden behind all the slick sales words they are really pushing traditional software. It almost looks like a case of “the emperor’s clothes”… as long as everybody uses words like Cloud, and acronyms that finish with aaS it all sounds very modern and technically advanced, and nobody is game enough to tell the sales rep that they are completely off base.

For me it is all very simple – and it has not changed in the past 12 months: IT Services need to be designed, developed, delivered and maintained. It is not up to us to determine how we do this… it’s up to the business to determine how IT supports their business processes. Cloud Computing is a perfect delivery mechanism that enables businesses on demand IT services that fit within the financial structures.

IT Service Management Professionals need to grow up very quickly and realise that they can’t get away with murder anymore and that they need to focus on agility and service quality in order to be allowed to continue to deliver the services to the business. Now more than ever before it is required that IT provides structure and discipline to get the most benefits from Cloud Computing. Well designed technology is your ticket to the game, IT Service Management helps you to be a player.