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Comment on Tweet from Majid Iqbal [ @majidiqbal ]

Majid wrote the following tweet on the 17th of September:

Call for re-write is for benefit of training industry; not necessarily for advancement of current best practice. Tails wagging dogs.

This may be so for a few influential players who will be involved with the re-write but most training organisations out there will be disadvantaged (yet again) by this update. It will most likely mean that the training provider has to update course materials, review practice exam questions and spend time understanding what these changes mean in the context of the entire framework.

It means another investment into the knowledge of the ITIL trainers, who will need non-billable time to digest the changes and update their materials.

It also means that the market has to deal with another level of confusion: when you did your Foundation exam for , does this mean you will need to do an update session to the new-ish version before you commence your Intermediate programs?

It also means that the exams will have to be updated, with all quality learning curve issues that appears to be the standard (if history repeats itself)…

So with all due respect – I don’t think that there are many training providers out there who are very happy with this result.

As an ITSM Professional I think that this review is a good thing for the advancement of current best practice – we all know that it could do with a few improvements! But as training provider I cringe at the additional workload that’s coming our way… again.