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The day business stopped: US elections 2016

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US Elections 2016

We live and work in a global market place. What happens across the world with the US Elections has an impact on my business in Australia.

That’s why I’m watching the US Elections 2016, even though I know I should be working. After all it’s a normal working day – a Wednesday where I have goals to achieve and stuff to do.

But like a moth to a flame I’m drawn to The New York Times and The Washington Post. Business has stopped completely.. that can wait until after the election results. Many things will change very quickly anyway.

International Business

The Art of Service sells eLearning courses online. The direct result of this business model is that we have clients in over 150 countries. When you have an internet connection and speak/understand English, you can register for one of our courses.
The impact of the US election for my business will most likely be in the USD/AUD currency exchange. The Art of Service sells in USD so I’m always monitoring the exchange rate to see where I need to hedge or can benefit from volatility in the market.

The next impact will be because most of our students live in the USA. The election results will have an impact in jobs and professional development opportunities in the USA and as a result on our business opportunities.

The third impact that I can see now is that the free trade agreements and import / export opportunities between Australia and the USA may be impacted. This will have a flow on effect for the Australian economy. sells into the Australian market and disposable income is important for our clients who purchase fashion for equestrians.

Back to the results…

So with all this you can understand that I’m watching the election very closely. It’s the day business stopped for me.. I’m watching the US election results unfold.

Will this be one of those days where people will ask in 10 years “what did you do the moment the 2016 president was announced”??