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EKKA 2009 – 1 year celebration, and random thoughts on the success of ITIL implementation

Last year I started a series of  blogs on a public holiday for the EKKA, or the Royal Brisbane Agricultural Show. It started due to the fact that I couldn’t comprehend why people need an annual leave day to go to a show. (you can read my very first post here )

Exactly 12 months later (yup – today is Wednesday.. people’s day at the Ekka and thus a public holiday for all employees in Brisbane) and I still don’t understand it. But as with so many things, you grow to accept that this is the way things are happening.

But hang on… isn’t this the root of all evil, procrastination and failed implementation projects? If only we wait long enough, we get used to the status quo and take it for granted…

It’s easy to see how this way of thinking hinders our progress, and our aim to achieve more within our IT organization. Yes, in the beginning we spoke about how things didn’t make sense, and how we could improve these things. But over time we stopped talking about it because we were busy fighting fires and dealing with an overload of operational issues. And after a few months we were used to the situation… ” this is how we do things around here” . We stop looking into our processes from the outside, and don’t see the forest for the trees. We stop complaining and ‘ just get on with it’… Until there is a new manager, a new co-worker or a new consultant that comes in and asks the $64,000 question: “WHY do you do the things this way?” 

It’s important that we all know the answer to this question,  and there is no ONE correct answer. There could be many correct answers – ranging from : “we chose to do it this way because of budget constraints”  to ” We chose to do it this way because we investigated various options and this one worked best in our corporate environment”. The only answer that would not be satisfactory is: ” Err.. .I don’t know.. we sort of always have been doing it this way…” 

That type of complacency does a lot of damage, and when we simply accept the status quo we will not improve our services or our delivery. The fact that we haven’t done it any differently doesn’t mean our current way is correct or the most optimum way!

Imagine what the world would look like if the Monks in the Middle Ages accepted that they would be hand writing the books, or people would have accepted that travel was done by horse drawn carriage… simply accepted this notion without thinking about other solutions or different ways.