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Example of the effect of one person on the service experience…

The staff did nothing wrong, they are very friendly and pleasant to deal with, the shop fitting looks pleasant enough and the atmosphere is friendly… then WHY will I never go back to this dayspa after tomorrow’s last session?

Because their boss doesn’t understand what is all about.

OK – here is the story:

At Christmas I was given a voucher for some spa treatments, which is great as I love that sort of stuff. But from that moment onwards the experience turned into hard work. The voucher was for 4 treatments with the expectation that we would be able to turn this into a full day pamper session, however these 4 treatments couldn’t be booked in one day; the expectation was that you come back 4 times (which isn’t mentioned on the voucher at all – it only says maximum of 4 appointments). So finally we manage to book in the sessions in a timeframe that fits in with my busy schedule.. just in time as the voucher if only valid for 6 months!

Anyway, yesterday we did the first 2 treatments which was lovely and I almost forgot about the massive coordination effort it has taken to get to this point in the first place… only to find out that one of the sessions as part of the voucher is not an option for me.

Yes, I know it says “no substitutions” – but really? Does it matter that much? When the substituted product/ is of equal or lesser value, does it really matter? Surely you can organise your resource allocation to accommodate a client request?

For me as a client a day spa is a day spa is a day spa… you look at the products they use and the overall look & feel of the place but other than that.. it’s pretty much a commodity product to me. So why would I go back to a particular place? Because they make me feel special, they make me feel like I matter. They make you feel like you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

Not this person – she makes me feel that I am a burden and difficult… not a feeling or experience that I want to have on a regular basis and that is why I will not come back.

There is something in this for all of us though: As IT Service Providers we are a commodity as well – most of our client have a choice of vendors. So why would they purchase from us? Do we make our clients feel successful, efficient and in control? Because if you’re not.. if you are like this day spa and you make your clients feel like it’s a lot of effort to deliver service to them. When the client feels that you are not flexible, they will look for another provider that will…

Think about it.

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