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Fan error…

The saga continues… I absolutely adore my laptop and am completely in love with the tablet function and inbuild mobile internet connection. Needless to say I take it everywhere I go… my laptop and I are becoming like siamese twins! When you see me – you see my laptop.

But it hasn’t been love at first sight: the first laptop only worked for 1 day or so –> the motherboard decided to die on me. Easy fixed as it was within the first 7 days of opening the box (more like, the second time I turned it on!!)

The laptop was sent back to the supplier for replacement…. and I waited…. and waited… and received the message that the second laptop died in transport.

Not to worry, a replacement laptop was organised and arrived after a few weeks. This one has been my loyal trusted companion for the past 8 months or so.


When I tried to turn it on this afternoon, all I saw was a black screen with 2 words:





Oh boy… not good! No fan, no laptop – it’s as simple as that. But since I have no idea of the technical implications I called the supplier to get it fixed tomorrow morning. I have a number of meetings in the afternoon and don’t want to show up without my trusted companion. But noooooooo, it needs to be packed up and shipped to the repair centre and it will take approx. 4 working days to get it fixed!! 

The Service Desk person didn’t even miss a beat and had no sympathy for the fact that I am now left without a computer for the better part of 4 days. (I tried the “but I run an internet company… how am I supposed to do my business processes?”  His answer: Not my problem! If it is that mission critical you should have thought of other warranty and support plans!)
I suppose I should have read the Service Level Agreement a bit better when I purchased the product and the warranty/support service… Lesson learnt I suppose. 

What am I going to do? I have just switched completely to laptop only and don’t have a desktop as a backup scenario anymore… I feel abandoned and alone. Luckily I saved all my data on an external hard drive last week or so and all company related information is on the server (I am so HAPPY with the ’s policy that nobody is allowed to put company related information on the C-drive) but still… you feel dismembered. My siamese  twin is sick and has to go to hospital.

Please don’t send flowers… we’ll be fine… I think.