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ITIL Foundation course … waiting for the new syllabus to arrive in May.

We have to wait until May 2009 for the updated syllabus to come into effect… but the wait has been so long! The comment we get each and every time we run a 3-day Foundation course is that it is too much information in too short a time!

And to be honest: I can’t blame the students! How can you get your head around the 5 lifecycle phases AND the individual processes AND the functions AND the concept of with framework processes and the fact that processes and functions work together and need to be customer facing & customer focused!

It will all be better when the new syllabus comes into effect, but until that time it continues to feel like you’re running a marathon. 

This week I was teaching a group of very experienced IT specialised, but it was a very diverse group: application support, desktop support, Service Desk and teamleaders were all part of the group. How do you keep a group like that together, all lined up toward the common goal of wanting to pass the ? A lot of people compare it to ‘herding cats’ and maybe they are correct, I don’t know.

What I do know is this: teaching ITIL Service Management Foundation classes has made me a better manager. Over the years it has sharpened my skills to identify what is happening in a group, to deal with variable levels of content knowledge and interest in a subject. When you can do this with a group of 15 – 25 students, managing an executive management team of 8 is a piece of cake!!! 

All these potentially negative comments haven’t influenced my believe in the framework though – it works and when it does work, it will make the life of an IT professional a lot easier and less frustrating. But we need to actively manage the road toward that point. And for many people that road starts with attending the ITIL Foundation course… 3 days of flooding; 3 days of information overload; 3 days of high speed learning. It is the start of an amazing adventure and we expect our students to hit the ground running!

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  1. The problem is always that the Foundation should always be that; a 100 level overview of the framework.

    You’re right about the overload and the expectations; my v3 foundation was a 5 hour cram by a new instructor. I had v2 Managers and had done lots of reading around v3 – so I did well on my exam. Those with no experience of ITIL were really left wondering what the whole thing was about – and left questioning the ‘myth of ITIL’

    1. I know – that’s why I always say to my students that I have a double agenda for the program:
      1. I want them to pass their exam
      2. I want to achieve that they see ITIL as something useful in their daily jobs… and maybe even something they can get excited about!

      Must admit that these objectives are easier to achieve with the Practitioner, Manager and Intermediate classes but I nevertheless aim for it in the Foundation course as well.