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Itil – the Big River

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Oh – this is simply too funny! Today I read the itsmportal and it talked about the discovery of … Russian Archeologists have discovered the remains of the city of itil –  the former Capital of Khazaria (around the 8th century).

So of course I went to the Wikipedia to see what it has to say about itil and it says that itil literally means “Big River”… and this is so appropriate!

Having a Big river close to your village or town means trade and prosperity and this is exactly what ITIL- the IT Framework has been for a lot of organisations. The fact that they implemented the ITIL processes meant learning a new language that allowed them to communicate with the business to trade their goods and services. ITIL –  the IT Framework has been vital to the wealth and health of many IT organisations and internal IT groups, as well as the business that needs their support!

However, a Big River also means danger! You need to respect it and you need to know how to work with it. When you don’t understand the workings of the river, it can swallow you and potentially hurt or kill you. Again, the same is true for the ITIL framework. Many people and organisations have started the implementation of ITIL Service Management without really knowing what they were in for. By only focusing on the books and the processes they didn’t see the big picture and missed the opportunities for a safe crossing. A few months or years later they resurface: bruised, battered and egos broken.

People who understand how to work with the river are very important and these experts will be able to offer you advise and sound recommendations (“this is where you build a bridge. this is the type of boat you’ll need to travel on this river. Don’t try to cross the river when you haven’t passed the fitness test” ). Mind you – don’t get them to do the work for you as this will create a dependency that you probably can’t afford. Utilize the experts and learn from them. Practise what you’ve seen them do and create your own knowledge base on which you can build. Before you know it you will manage the river like a pro on your way to bigger and better things!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on external factors: the weather can change very quickly and will impact on how you deal with the big river.  You will need some wind to keep moving, but a massive storm will make it very difficult to navigate and manage the river.

Happy sailing!