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Mixed emotions… be careful what you wish for!

For months and months we have been asking for a lower US$ … The reason is because we sell a lot of our products online and most of those sales are in US$. When we started this online sales the US Dollar was approx. 60 cent so this made us really happy! However in the last few months (years really) it has steadily increased to 99 cents! This means that the same product now yields 30% less in revenue!! Mind you – this is with the exact same cost base and activities on our side so it really cuts into the profits. You can understand how this didn’t really made us very happy.

So for the last few months we kept saying to each other: wouldn’t it be great when the US$ dropped again? Even if it is to 75 cents.. what would be a major gain!

Do you know that saying ” Be careful what you wish for?”… Well…. maybe there is some truth in the saying after all. I mean: by no means am I saying or even inferring that we had anything to do with the credit crunch or the stock market crash in the US of today… but the dollar DID drop!! Today the dollar was 79 cents.

And this is where the mixed emotions come into play – the dollar has dropped but NOBODY IS BUYING!! How ironic… 

I need a new wish: keep the dollar at a low level but make corporations in the United States and elsewhere in the world realise that they need a more systematic approach to their IT organisations and that by purchasing our eLearning, toolkits and publications they can improve productivity at a relative low cost! 

Can I go wrong with this wish?? I don’t think so… let’s go for this one… In the mean time we’ll keep building products and services that can help companies to manage their finances and IT investments even in times of crisis.. as this is what we’ve been offering in the past 8 years and I’m sure that somebody will understand the value of these products in the midst of this all…

75 cents….. 

happy clients….

75 cents…..

happy clients…


Yep – I like this! It will make everybody happy…