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Now that is service with a capital S!

I feel like I have entered in a scene of that Frasier episode where they discover ‘the platinum door’ …!

Every time when I travel things get better and better… first there was airline travel and shopping at the airport which is great! But then there was the Airline lounge where you could relax and unwind in between flights (as well as catching up on emails and work in general) but yesterday I entered the relaxation grotto!! HAHA – and I have no intentions of going through  the platinum door (for those of you who have seen the episode) I am quite happy where I am now!

I organised a hotel pickup and expected – as per usual – to be picked up after baggage collection and customs clearance. BUT NO – this time I was picked up from the gate and delivered to a private customs clearance and a lounge where I could relax and unwind from the long flight while my baggage was collected and deposited into the back of the car. All I had to do was confirm that indeed this was my baggage…

Enter at the hotel and the is Superb! During checking your personal assistant gives you something to drink while you wait and when things take a bit longer to process, keeps you occupied by asking questions and general chit chat so you are not getting annoyed by the time you’re standing at the check in desk..

Oh and it continues when you arrive at the room: The same assistant shows you where the powerpoints are, checks that the power-plug you have for your laptop fits and if not SHE calls housekeeping to organise an adapter plug. She also points out the fact that the large window in the bathroom means that you will be exposed to the world so word of advice to close the blinds before you take a bath.

Being in the IT Service industry we can learn some valuable lessons from this:

  1. People have expectations – try to surprise them! This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, mainly creativity.
  2. The devil is in the detail – but heaven is as well! Little things make all the difference. A smile in the voice of the person on the helpdesk, cleaning the keys on the laptop when it comes in for repairs.. I don’t know; you’ll be able to figure it out.
  3. Know what your customers are going to need and preempt their questions or complaints by showing them where to find things. Many end-users will complain about the lack of service from IT because they don’t know how to use the applications and/or systems. Show them – be part of induction programs etc.

Learn from other industries about service; look around in hotels, bars and restaurants. What works for you and what doesn’t? Reflect on this and use the knowledge in the IT Service Delivery model you utilize.. and isn’t this what makes the difference between implementing processes and offering excellent IT Services?