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Our first experiences with the ITIL V3 Manager Bridge program – online eLearning

What a fantastic few weeks it has been. It has been so busy that I can’t even remember doing anything other than work and sleep. But I know that is not true because last Friday we celebrated ’s birthday party which was great fun! We had all staff and partners together for an old fashioned birthday party with bingo games, a BIG cake and lots of laughter.

So what happened in the past few weeks to make it so busy? Well, a lot of things really:

  1. We have been delivering courses in Australia and internationally, mainly V3 Foundation and V3 Intermediate programs.
  2. We employed 2 extra staff members to keep up with our workload, and our recruitment process takes a LOT of time! (each successful person has gone through a minimum of 5 – 7 steps before the job is offered to them. One of those steps is a 2-3 hour interview) Needless to say I am very happy with the additional people coming on board and we are all counting the days until they start on the job.
  3. We started marketing our ITIL V2 Service Manager Fast Track program which will be running in Sydney in March 9th – 14th. We still don’t know when APMG will pull the plug on the V2 programs but we are assuming this will be the last Fast Track program we will be running in Australia.  
    This program is perfect for people who want to get to Expert status … fast! It takes you 6 days to go through the full V2 program (bootcamp style) and you sit your approx. 4 weeks after you’ve finished the program. As soon as you receive your results and certificate you can sign up for the V3 Manager Bridge course to take your to Expert. 
  4. We launched our ITIL V3 Manager Bridge program as an online eLearning program, and this has taken up most of our time.

There are many people out there in the field who want to achieve their status but don’t really have the time or investment opportunity to attend a 5-day classroom course. This is why – after we ran a number of successful classroom programs – we remodelled our program to be delivered via online eLearning. The responses so far are really positive.

The setup of the program is exactly like the classroom experience: you see the slides and hear the trainer comments and additional information. There are quizzes and assignments as well as exercises that have to be completed; compulsory and required reading work and exam style questions.
All up it gives you a great preparation for the real /APMG ITIL V3 Manager Bridge certificate exam. All the way through you have access to ITIL Experts and qualified trainers to ask all your questions and to clarify some areas that are blurry or hazy (after all, we are talking about theory from the OGC ITIL books, and not all text is as clear and concise as we would like it to be…).

You can click the link for more information on the ITIL V3 Manager Bridge program