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SLAs come with a process attached, says ITIL Service Management

When you start looking at the reason why many SLAs fail to deliver upon their expectations, you often see that the Level Management process hasn’t been implemented at the same time…

This week I have been teaching a workshop on Service Level Agreements in Indonesia. An amazing experience, as it is always fantastic to see the journey that people go through during these two days. Initially the focus is purely on the document; the Service Level Agreement. But by the end of day 1 people start to realize that you need to go through the whole PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT cycle to have a complete picture.

In the past few days we answered the following questions:

  • Q – How can you create SLAs when you don’t have the services written down in a Service Catalogue?
    A – You can’t really as you have no idea what the service looks like, and what it is that you can offer, at what levels.
  • Q – Why should we concern our-self with a  Service Level Management process?
    A- Because this process will safeguard the accuracy of Service Descriptions, map them against business Service Level Requirements and identify OLAs and UCs that are required to support the agreed Service Levels
  • Q – where do you start? At the SLA or with the OLA?
    A – This depends where you are at the moment! When you currently have SLAs in place, but they don’t work properly – investigate where the gaps are and improve those part of the process. When you don’t have anything at the moment, start with the Service Catalogue and the OLA levels that aggregate up to SLA levels.

It was lovely to see so many excitement for Service Level Management, especially as it gives them tools to set the expectations with the clients, give service guarantees that can be met and tools to measure and monitor what is going on.

It doesn’t stop here though! Each student created an action plan with tangible action items that they will be accountable for in the next 3 months.. Can’t wait to follow up with them in 2.5 months to see what the achievements are!

We’ve done the planning phase… time for some DO-ing!