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Staying healthy in the office – introducing “Oscar”

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Staying healthy in the office is not as easy as it sounds. Staying healthy at home is much easier when you have your fridge filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Now that I’m strong enough again to work I also need to think about a way to stay healthy while I’m at work. As in … in the office.

Introducing Oscar

That’s why I bought Oscar. Oscar is a juicer and it (he?) makes amazing juices. Super tasty and apparently super healthy for you.


I try to have a minimum of two juices every day. Currently I’m working my way up to 4 or 5. Reason for the juicing is because I read about the Gerson Therapy for chronic diseases. In this therapy they recommend 13 juices (15 pound of fresh vegetables) each day!

The Gerson® Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.

Juice recipes

I have learned that I really like the taste of lime juice in combination with coriander and ginger in a juice. Those 3 feature in almost every juice I make these days. Add in cucumber, zucchini, celery and whatever fruit I can find in the fridge and the end result is a super refreshing juice.

Juicing with Oscar helps you to stay healthy in the office

Oscar turns fruit and vegetables into juice by crushing them. The crushed produce is pushed through a sieve. The juice is not super foamy because there is no centrifugal spinning motion. Less foam is less oxidation of the juice which makes it healthier.

How to stay healthy in the office?

First of all – prepare for your day! Don’t get caught out by hunger when  you realise you didn’t bring anything for lunch. When that happens you will find yourself at the nearest fast food place, or ordering some sugary baked goods from the bakery!

Bring a salad and some fruit to get you through lunch. My salads are HUGE! I add roasted vegetables or quinoa to make them super filling and healthy.

I also bring some nuts (unsalted) to nibble on – they keep my energy up when I need to think and make strategic decisions.

And of course… bring your juice. I use a plastic cup but you can also go completely hipster and use mason jars for your juice. When you have a juicer like Oscar, you can keep your juices fresh and healthy for a couple of hours.

How to stay healthy during meetings?

Next week we’re taking our Q-Linn products to an exhibition and tradeshow so I need to make sure I continue to eat healthy while I’m at the show.

This brings another level of difficulty to the whole healthy eating program! Without a fridge in the booth I will be relying on healthy food that stays well at room temperature.

My preparation is to make this healthy banana bread and freeze it so it stays cool and nice for a week. It’s sweet without sugar and made with wholemeal flour. But most importantly.. it is super filling and tastes amazing!

In addition I’m bringing lots of nuts. For breakfast I eat chia porridge made with soy milk with banana and berries. This fills me up until lunchtime normally and has lots of protein to keep me going.

And of course lots of black coffee! I can’t thank Sanjiv Chopra enough for researching the health benefits of coffee and writing about it in his book “The Big 5”