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The benefits of Cloud Computing in relation to Climate change…

The title is a little ‘tongue in cheek’ but the message is still true: Yesterday we got hit by a massive storm and due to this we have not had any power in our house since 5pm yesterday afternoon (it is now 12pm). So almost 20 hours and counting… When I just spoke to our security lady she mentioned that the ‘blackout’ could take up to 48 hours!!

Branches ripped off trees by the storm

Branches ripped off trees by the storm

After my initial shock – and some quick calculations of the value of the content in our freezers that is now slowly defrosting, I started thinking about the effects this has on our service delivery:

  1. My husband’s laptop and Internet connection runs of the main power and can’t be used at the moment
  2. My laptop has internal mobile internet access so in theory should be able to work for at least 4 hours or so on the battery.
  3. Our exchange server and file server in the office shut down during the storm as well so nobody in the office could get to their emails and server directories.

Not a good scenario really – and with the current climate change the experts are forecasting more of these storms to hit in the coming summer season… they are even speculating of a possible hurricane / cyclone to hit South East Queensland!

What can we do to improve our Service delivery capability:

  • Purchase backup generators to ensure ongoing power during these blackouts
  • Purchase backup batteries to go into the laptops as a fail over system
  • Purchase another mobile Internet connection for the other laptop

And then it hit me:

OR… we can use as our solution! With you don’t need to worry about your laptop or desktop… you can go to any Internet cafe that still has power and access all your data from there! All your emails are stored offsite so your exchange server is not affected by this power outage at all because it is in a different area! 

OK, OK – you still need power to run a computer or laptop but you are not restricted by location. When the power is out in one location, you simply move to another one where this is power. It’s very simple really…

If only there was an easy solution to my defrosting meat issue… Barbecue anyone?!

PS: when we follow ITIL Service Continuity Management processes we should have thought of all of this beforehand, I know that… but let’s say we decided NOT to put any countermeasures in place for a ‘once in 2 decade’ chance.