The first 5 things I love about my blackberry Bold

My husband surprised me yesterday with a Blackberry Bold! I have been looking to buy one for months now as I am traveling a lot and really would like to be able to stay in touch with home and office… I couldn’t make up my mind though: was I going to buy the Bold or wait for the new Pearl flip that is coming out or wait even longer for the Storm (with touch screen)?

Now that I have the bold I can’t believe I have lived my life so long without it… I LOVE that phone! (I know I sound like a geek, but it is so true… )

OK – so what are the first 5 things I love about my brand-spanking new Blackberry Bold:

  1. The screen
    It is so clear and bright! Absolutely amazing colours and text is very easy to read
  2. The ease of use
    I have never ever used a smart phone in my life and I can’t believe how easy it is. The menus are very intuitive and after half a day I already felt as if I’ve owned and operated smart phones all my life.
  3. The ringtones
    Ok – this is going to sound weird but I don’t like the “song”-ring-tones. I want my phone to sound like a phone and I couldn’t find that setting on my old one. This one sounds exactly the way I want it!!! 
  4. emailing on the go
    Setting up my gmail account on the Blackberry was a breeze! I couldn’t believe how easy it was… and it worked after only 1 try! (if only exchange was the same… 🙁  but that’s another story)
  5. The sound quality
    My old phone was slowly dying after 4 or 5 years and I couldn’t always hear people so well. This phone is absolutely amazing. Very clear sound, not just for me but also for the receiver of my calls… A lot of people have already commented on it! 
I know these might be pretty basic but keep in mind I’ve only had this phone for 48 hours! I might come up for some other pros and cons in the next few weeks when I start traveling in Australia and overseas (and I will have received my first phone bill by then… that might change my view slightly! )