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The secret of ITIL Service Level Management is… manipulation!

No, it’s not a bad thing to compare Service Level to manipulation! Basically, what I mean to say is that we as IT professionals know what we want to do and NEED to do to support the goals and through Service Level Management we make sure we offer our clients and customers options in such a way that they choose what is best for the company and therefore exactly what we wanted!

In my books that is manipulation! Let me explain how I think it works:

  1. The Service Level Manager needs to figure out what the business needs in relation to IT Support and IT services. The information is collected through discussions with the customers, Business Relationship managers and Demand Manager. Based on this information an analysis is done on the future trends for the business and how IT can best support these needs and desires.
  2. Based on this analysis we develop a service offering, ideally with a number of options for the client. Through technical and financial restrictions we can make some choices more interesting than others. Because we as IT professionals know exactly how this service interacts with the other services and what the corporate consequences are of certain choices. We therefore design a service package that presents the options in such a way that the customer chooses the option which is best for the organization (and easiest and most cost effective for us to manage and support)

without an accurate and up-to-date Service Catalogue, supported by a Configuration Management Database and the strong interaction between Demand Management, Capacity Management and Service Level Management we wouldn’t be able to do this… But now we can!

And trust me… manipulation can be used for good causes as well! It is the secret weapon of ITIL Service Level Management, and it helps to have all our customers working together towards the overall corporate goal.