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There is more to ITIL Service Management implementation than most project Managers think…

This post is a little bit different because today is a special day for me… my latest book got published! (first on Mobipocket as an eBook, but it will show up on Amazon soon enough as a paperback).

Reason why I am writing here about it, is twofold:

  1. Of course I am proud about this book – and this one even has my face on the cover so the pressure was even higher than normally!!
  2. The subject is dear to me, and I will tell you why:

I have been in the IT Service industry for more than 12 years now (coming from an internal auditing and quality background) and it has always surprised and amazed me how many IT Managers, IT Directors, CIO’s and even Project Managers still view Service Management on par with technology projects.

I don’t get it… ITIL is a framework! It is not a piece of software that you install, nor is it a technology that needs to be deployed. It is at its core organizational change – it is about changing the way people perform certain tasks so that you can improve (increase?) the level of control and management of the IT Service Delivery.

Students who have been in my classes have heard me say this over and over again: “defining the process is the easy bit: you can do that on a Friday afternoon while drinking a bottle of red”… It is the actual adoption of the processes in the real environment, and by real people which makes it challenging and interesting. And this is the reason why it takes a lot longer! The tangible deliverable of an ITIL implementation project will be a nice, pretty set of process documentation (with associated procedures and work instructions), and probably one or more new tools and applications to work with. But the intangible deliverables are new or updated processes with new activity steps that people really use, and that help to achieve the company’s goals. 

It is the intangible part that takes a lot longer! And it is this intangible part that makes ITIL Service Management to valuable to the ! This is the bit that makes the IT organisation a more valued partner at the discussion table, a peer to the other departments in the organisation and a strategic asset to the company. Not the pretty documents or the tools that have been implemented along the way!…

Food for thought? Exactly! And that is why I wrote this book

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  1. Excellent post! You are absolutely correct in that often Managers etc. think that an ITIL implementation is as simple as documenting a few proceses then implimenting them and ‘that’s it’. The implementation/adoption of the processes takes time and a lot of work.

    1. Gary,
      Thank you for the kind words! and yes – I’ve been there many times… trying to explain why this project is a little bit more complex than it seems to be at face value.
      Even today while I was teaching an ITIL class we had this discussion about process implementation. I mentioned that processes alone aren’t enough – that you need procedures and work instructions to support them… you could just see the panic appear in there eyes! It seems to be so much work to create all this documentation, but realistically it will make your job so much easier in the long run!
      No pain, no gain I suppose…