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Too busy for doom and gloom

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No – I am not sticking my head in the sand. I know that there is a change in the global and that this is changing the way businesses do business.

But to be honest: we have never been so busy as we are today! So in the office we regularly say to each other: “too busy for doom and gloom”. No matter what the economy does, we still have clients who have needs demands and wishes. They still would like to attend our educational programs. 

Now that I think of it… our clients are really smart! Now is THE time to attend our educational programs. The education we offer is to create and manage processes, procedures and workinstructions to streamline business processes in the IT groups. To create visibility of IT activities, the value that IT brings to the business and the return on investment.

Now more than ever our clients need help achieving these goals…

So: no time for doom and gloom – we have people to educate. And the education starts internally. As the leader of our team I am very aware of what is happening outside and how this may impact our activities, our sales and ultimately our financial results. But I don’t accept the freeze approach – we are NOT like the deer stuck in the headlights of the oncoming truck. We continue to motivate each other with all the fantastic results we achieve. The fan-mail we receive daily from our clients (we stuck them up on our wall of fame) and to continue to push ourself to the next limit…

So there you have it: no time to linger on negative things… we are too busy for doom and gloom!