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Up close and Personal with Ivanka Menken

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These blog posts have been fairly personal, and in the past couple of years you’ve probably learnt more about me than you ever imagined.. I have however made a decision to ‘up the ante’ and start a video blog around a subject that is very near to me: what it means to run a business and the fact that we need to read and continue to read books to learn.


This is not a hollow phrase, I truly believe in this statement and reading books plays an important role in achieving this. Verne Harnish once said that successful business professionals (“A-players”) read a minimum of 24 books each year.  Busy business buddies booksAnd these books would be a combination of business books, novels and periodicals like the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.

If the video doesn’t load, you can always watch it here:  Up close and personal with Ivanka Menken



Let’s start a conversation – what are the books that made a big impact on you? I would love to hear from you.