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Want to feel depressed? Go see your doctor!

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As I wasn’t going to the office today, I thought that this might be a good opportunity to go to see my doctor for a generic checkup. After all – I’m not 21 anymore…!

Well – that was an interesting experience! The reason why I went in was because I had some niggly things happening and I wanted to check if it was physical or a simple case of “too-much-to-do-and-the-body-tells-you-to-slow-down-a-bit” Pretty simple service request: is it A or B?

Well, I must have opened a can or worms because for the next 20 minutes my GP gave me a complete lesson on why the economy is going down, that when I put $100 in my bank account the bank uses it to loan approx. $1000 against it and that I should feel depressed when the interest rates go up with another 2% as the bank won’t be able to pay me back the $100 I put in in the first place!


All I want to know is: is it A or B? I definitely didn’t want to be told that I am not to blame for the bad economy (of course not! I keep supporting it… bought shoes yesterday and spent $500 at Bunnings today.. but that is a different story altogether).

The weird thing is –  at first I got angry at the doctor. I felt as if he was talking me into feeling depressed (I’m not BTW) but than later on I realised that he probably prepared this entire speech for everybody who comes into his practice with symptoms that might slightly resemble stress type symptoms.
And I realised that I sometimes do the same – when I talk to clients about the services we offer I try to listen a lot and ask a lot of questions. But I can’t help myself – sometimes I just hear myself give the same ‘spiel’ to different people in different scenarios. Is this a prepared speech? Is this answer even valid for this specific situation or client?

So I have made a few decisions today:

  1. Be an even better listener and ask more questions to get to the source of what the client is saying
  2. Verify if my understanding is line with what the client is saying
  3. Verify if my answer is going to be in line with their expectations
  4. Adjust my answer based on 1,2 and 3
  5. And lastly… when I want to feel depressed I will make another appointment to see my Doctor!