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Earlier this week I wrote an article about the ITIL V2 Foundation exams that will retire on June 30th, but the same is true for the ITIL V2 Practitioner exams. Granted, you have a little bit more time but after August 31st 2010 these exams also won’t be available anymore.

How can you show your clients, student and co-workers that you’ve mastered both frameworks? Well, some people choose to show off their pins! (LAPEL pins, that is…) Each level in the pathway has a slightly different colour.

The ITIL V2 certification pins have very bright colours and look like this:

 pins are a bit more ‘subdued’ in colour and they look like this for Foundation, Capability, Lifecycle, Expert, and Master level certification.

So for ITIL consultants who want to show that they have knowledge about the best of both worlds… you have 3.5 months to achieve certification in both frameworks:

  • Complete  1 or 2 ITIL V2 Practitioner elearning courses + exams (this will give you the BLUE ITIL V2 pin)
  • Continue with ITIL V3 Capability elearning programs (this will give you the maroon coloured Capability Pin as well as the lavender coloured expert pin)

I calculated this pathway for a client on the weekend:

  1. IPSR
  2. SOA
  3. PPO
  4. RCV
  5. MALC

With his ITIL V2 Foundation and ITIL V3 Foundation certificate it will give him enough points for ITIL V3 Expert certification but also shows (via the pins) that he has knowledge about both the versions of the framework. You can’t offer this after the 31st of August any more… Use the credit profiler to get creative with your certifications that can make up the 22 points towards your ITIL Expert certification.

So for all consultants out there that don’t have Practitioner or Service Manager level certifications… get studying!

The good thing is that the ITIL V2 Practitioner certification courses are available as elearning so you won’t miss out on billable hours.


    • ivankamenken


      As the comments made in 2008, the naming convention and pin colour scheme etc. has been decided already. Doesn’t mean that we can’t offer feedback and input. But I would say that the best option is via the qualification board, and ATO sub committees.
      The certification scheme has been fairly stable in the past 2 years (albeit still a bit confusing for many people), the only grey area being the exact requirements of the ITIL Master qualification but once the pilot is finished we look forward to additional guidance for our students.

      Ultimately – isn’t it the knowledge you take back to your job and your clients that is the most valuable? And not the pin?
      food for thought…

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