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What happened to Service Validation and testing in ITIL V3 Foundation Syllabus?

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Today was a very exciting but also very sad day for me… Our development team showed us the alpha version of the new V3 Foundation course material which is developed based on the new / syllabus. This new course and the new exam is going to be launched on the first of May 2009 – so that is less than 15 days away!!

The material looks amazing! Very clear and easy to follow, with new diagrams and new illustrations. It is not just a ‘tweaked’ program, but basically an entire new course. We used the updated syllabus, but also input from our accredited trainers, partners and students to create this new material. So that was the exciting part of it. I think it will be a lot better for our students as a lot of the controversial material has been scrapped to make more room for discussion, debate and exercises.

But the sad part is that I will no longer experience the joy of discussing Service Validation and Testing during the Foundation program! I think I am going to be rebellious and discuss the V-model for service testing anyway.. HA!
To me the process of Service Validation and Testing together with the V-model is one of the most valuable additions to in comparison to ITIL V2. Should there ever be an I would really like to see even more of a stronger emphasis on testing and general Quality assurance and Quality control mechanisms in the framework.

I really enjoyed discussing the reasons for testing and validating your Service Design packages as part of this process… to give people at a Foundation level a sneak preview of the amazing that this process gives to the overall framework. But I guess that cutting it from the syllabus will make the follow up training (like the intermediate program for ‘Release Control and Validation’ ) more  desirable. 

Why would APMG have made the choice to delete the process of ‘Service Validation and Testing’ from the syllabus? I really don’t know, but would love to find out!