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What I learnt from Morten Lund, and why ITIL professionals should pay attention.

When I listened to Morten’s talk last week initially I wasn’t sure if I liked it or hated it.. didn’t quite know if there were lessons to be learnt and I only made a few notes.

Now, reading back those notes, I see that there are a number of things that IT Professionals – and especially consultants – can learn from his story.

First of all, this guy has a highly visited Wikipedia page! . I mean – I don’t see Robert Stroud or Rob England mentioned (yet), and they are pretty big names in the ITIL/ world. It reinforces to me that the ITIL / industry is quite small – we really work in a niche of a niche of a niche. Morten invested in a startup called “Skype”, that reaches a much larger audience…

One of the one-liners I jotted down during his talk stands out for me:

It’s simple, not easy

How many times have we heard this from our ITIL students? “it’s common sense, it’s so simple” As if the ITIL framework and our knowledge and expertise should be disregarded because of its simplicity.
Personally I find it a good thing that ITIL at its core is simple. But that doesn’t make it easy to implement and follow… This is probably why consultants find it difficult to justify that the implementation of the ITIL framework can take years. Something so simple should be easy to implement, it should only take a few weeks… WRONG! ITIL implementation is a head fake, it is not about ITIL – the framework is merely the structure, or the vehicle – the implementation is about cultural change and organisational maturity.

And to finish with another one-liner from Morten: “there is a fine line between vision and hallucination”, maybe that’s why so many ITIL implementations go off the rails…