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What the ITIL industry can learn from iPods and sweaty sneakers

I have never been a fan of sneakers / trainers / sport shoes.. they always make my feet smell (I know, WAY too much information!) and I am yet to find anybody who can convince me that this does NOT happen to him or her.. too much empirical research data proves that I am not alone with this ‘problem ‘ …  Which probably explains why the closest I get to this type of shoe is by wearing my Cole Haan high heels. After all they have Nike Air in the soles!!!

Having said that – lately I am strangely drawn to Rebel Sport, Athletes Foot and other chain stores that smell of stinky socks and blisters.. Why? Because I want to purchase a pair of sport shoes! And you know why? Because I bought a new iPod, the iPod Nano which is connected to the Nike Plus website to track your exercise data… even without the shoes I am already hooked. How sad am I?

So where am I going with this? Well, this whole experience got me thinking about the /ITSM industry and the fact that so many people talk about how hard it is to implement the processes and how boring it is to go through the motion. Well – I can’t think of anything more boring than walking/jogging/running. It is probably the most monotonous form of sport I can think of. But yet I want to do it, and I want to keep doing it. Because it gives me data that makes me feel good about myself. I feel like I’ve achieved something every time I log onto the Nike+ website and I see that I’ve walked my way through a hotdog or 100 flights of stairs on a sky scraper.

So my dear ITIL consultants, read and learn… make ITIL fun. Give the IT department a sense of achievement each and every step along the way. Make it fun to measure every activity, every helpdesk ticket and play with it. Why not have graphs that represent a country or the universe.. who said that you can only graphically show data in pie charts or bar charts?

Learn from the best! and I mean… when Nike and Apple can make me walk, jog and run…. they qualify as the best in my books!!

Think about it – be creative – challenge yourself! You’d be amazed.

6 thoughts on “What the ITIL industry can learn from iPods and sweaty sneakers”

    1. Well – they always used to say ‘sex sells’ but I think with IT people, it is FUN!! hahaha
      Will have a look at your game later…

    2. I played it but my 9yo son said I was pretty bad at it… he kept saying ” mummy, you are losing points!” but I didn’t know why… maybe I need computer game help?? haha

      1. Hi Ivanka,

        Basically when you do not solve the issues (incidents, requests, etc.) quick enough you will loose points. In later rounds you can add Incident, Problem, Change, Request and processes to ease the work and then you start gaining points.

        The first levels are supposed to be difficult to gain points, since you are still in a “Hey Joe” support mode.


  1. Ivanka,

    I wish it were that easy…but we live in an IT world that is severely broken due to poor leadership with poor or no vision. That has to be there forst before ITIL and ITSM can be fun.

    1. Unfortunately that is not limited to the IT industry. Poor leadership with poor vision or no vision happens in every industry, irrespective of the size of the company.
      Personally I think it may have something to do with the fact that people are engineers / technically capable and not always geared up / prepared for a leadership role. We focus on managing people, where you really need to focus on managing activities and outcomes. Leadership comes with vision and charisma and a clear path into the future.

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